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About Probate in Katy

Probate is a difficult time for all the surviving relatives with a multitude of decisions to make about the deceased's property, assets and liabilities.

Having this procedure handled by our experienced local Katy lawyer who understands the huge emotional impact this has on all family members will allow you take care of your family while he takes care of the looming legal issues. We also make sure that the estate is processed in a timely manner and work with both the family and the courts to expedite this procedure.

Our experienced attorney understands the local Fort Bend and Harris Country court systems and has probated many Will and Estate plans within these courts.

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Learn More about Probate

There are two types of estates when a family member passes away. This Testate and Intestate.


If your family member has passed away and they have left a valid will then they have died testate.


If your family member has passed away and do not have a valid will then they have died intestate.

Call or Email our experienced lawyer to see if your family member's estate plan is valid and whether you will need to probated testate/intestate. To learn more about the probate process click here.